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Our campaign of awareness is simple

By creating a web forum devoted to those caught in the illegal villa and housing scam in Spain, we can bring people together to discuss possible ways of making the villas, apartments and fincas legal



Known property scams

It is easier to get caught out buying an illegal property in Spain, than first meets the eye.

There are estimated to be well over 100,000 illegal properties in Spain

Many people caught up, have done every thing by the book and still ended up with an illegal property

Below are a couple of tips to help try and avoid this. Some may be simple, over looked methods, others just common sense

We have built on Rustico Land,well the builders did, (along with 5 spanish families , and similar to most stories one of those was a policeman, and 5 British couples )and for one you cannot build on Rustico Land so therefore no licenses were issued , why did the Estate Agent not pick up on this - obviously he did but didnt tell us, did the Spanish Builders not ask to look at the license before they built, as they are a reputable firm here in Cartama, and one would think aware of the building regulations, it would appear they werent.

The worst possible start to a new life and a Spanish dream

With more and more bad press hitting the news about the escalating number of illegal houses built in Spain, we have set about starting a forum for all those at risk or are directly or indirectly caught up in the problem

Some of the figures estimated are above 100,000 homes at present classed as being illegal

Malaga estimated 50,000 illegal homes

Albox estimated 3000+ illegal homes

Catral estimated 1200+ illegal homes

Remember these figures are all estimated or quoted in the international, national and local press and could run a lot higher. Plus they only cover a small part or certain areas of Spain in general

Its not only are villas and fincas at risk of being illegal, but also apartment blocks that have been built on the edge of town boundaries and get classed as being on agricultural land

If you are affected by the above, please visit our forum and share you story or discuss your problem


Any letter you receive, act immediately and seek legal advice

Do not use use the solicitor that acted on your behalf to purchase the house, at a later date this could be classed as collaboration.

Destruction orders.